Busy in Cologne


Busy in Cologne

SILENCE ON THE BLOG CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING: loads of work and busy-ness in my life right now. And the last 5 weeks have been no exception. After arriving in Munich in September, work brought me to Cologne early October. And since then it’s been a whirlwind of new-ness. (more…)

Postcard from (multi-culturally diverse) Vancouver

Ocean bay, Vancouver

IMAGINE EUROPEAN FLAIR ON THE STREETS, American brands and business hours, and a cultural pot-pourri of Asian influences – et voilá, that’s Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

A mere 4 hour drive – whew – from southern Seattle, Vancouver is just a hop away from the US-Canadian border. And a visit was mandatory, if only to check out the much-talked-about Vancouver Bay.


The sky is bigger in America

2014-01-30 18.17.25

2014-02-08 03.02.19

2014-02-04 20.23.14

Whew, it’s been a packed week so far. And I am thrilled to report to you from Washington State on the US west coast, which I will be calling my new home now (pause for reaction…). But the thing I am awed about the most is the sky here! It takes my breath away…

Other than that I am busy getting settled and updating my sleeping habits (hello jet lag…). Stay tuned for more impressions in the coming weeks.


Guest Writing // Chinese men carry their ladies’ handbags

chinese_handbags chinese_handbags02

When I stroll the streets of China I see Chinese men carrying the groceries and shopping bags for their wives, girlfriends, of the ladies at their sides. Not only these but also their handbags. The women in turn have their hands casually in their pockets. I believe to see a proud expression in their faces, as far as I am able to recognize facial expressions in Chinese faces yet.

The bags the men carry come in all colors and sizes, mostly pink being the latest fashion in China (alas, no pink handbag was photographed). I see pink not only in coats and sweaters but also in handbags and backpacks. Even breathing protection is mutating to a fashion statement, making them a virtue and stylish accessory.

I ask myself what the handbag criteria may be? Who is choosing the bags and buying them? In Europe and the US (the whole world even!), handbags are the „girl’s best friend“, I mean the very best. Handbags according to the latest designer outburst are a must and indispensable for a fashionable woman. Handbags let us know about the status, the financial background and about a woman’s life philosophy.

In China, is the woman choosing her bag to fit her man? Would this mean the man advances as a fashion accessory or just one of daily use? Is the man also changed according to the season if not fitting the bag anymore?

So many questions, a lot I still have to find out during my stay in China.

I ask myself, still carrying my own bag with pride, can I find a man fitting my brown Prada?

- June Fox, guest writer

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