Busy in Cologne


Busy in Cologne

SILENCE ON THE BLOG CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING: loads of work and busy-ness in my life right now. And the last 5 weeks have been no exception. After arriving in Munich in September, work brought me to Cologne early October. And since then it’s been a whirlwind of new-ness. (more…)

Postcard from (multi-culturally diverse) Vancouver

Ocean bay, Vancouver

IMAGINE EUROPEAN FLAIR ON THE STREETS, American brands and business hours, and a cultural pot-pourri of Asian influences – et voilá, that’s Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

A mere 4 hour drive – whew – from southern Seattle, Vancouver is just a hop away from the US-Canadian border. And a visit was mandatory, if only to check out the much-talked-about Vancouver Bay.


The sky is bigger in America

2014-01-30 18.17.25

2014-02-08 03.02.19

2014-02-04 20.23.14

Whew, it’s been a packed week so far. And I am thrilled to report to you from Washington State on the US west coast, which I will be calling my new home now (pause for reaction…). But the thing I am awed about the most is the sky here! It takes my breath away…

Other than that I am busy getting settled and updating my sleeping habits (hello jet lag…). Stay tuned for more impressions in the coming weeks.