Vacation routines and pool confessions

Pool confessions

AUGUST ROLLED IN QUIETLY, almost keeping the upcoming vacation a little secret. Like waking up on your birthday to find your room decked in balloons, my August vacation was suddenly upon me. Although I had waited impatiently, here it is.

After the first week at the pool (which is more than dreamy), my vacation routines have kicked in. Waking at 6am but lounging in bed til 9am, breakfast prepares me for the relaxing day to come with fresh espresso coffee and an egg-on-english-muffin-combo.

The rest of the day is pretty relaxed. Skyping with my loved ones usually follows the morning rising ritual. And then I hit the pool. It took a few days for me to get used to lying there, with nothing but my own thoughts.

VACATION IS THE PERFECT TIME TO sort through your mind, realign your goals, wishes and desires. And get a good sense of where you’ve been and where you want to go. And that is the essence of vacation: to let go of your daily routine in order to make room for new thoughts and directions.

My own pool lounging has led to many personal confessions, eye-opening revelations and inspiring ideas. I look forward to September, when back-to-business also means moving forward.

Enjoy your vacation guys. And happy, productive lounging!

Dear mom


WE CELEBRATE OUR MOTHERS and show them our thanks for being the wonderful people they are on May 11th. But a date in the calendar shouldn’t suddenly spark this feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.

Everyday, we should remind ourselves to be thankful for the people in our lives, what they teach us through positive and challenging experiences and how they mold us into the people we evolve to be.

But since it is officially Mother’s Day and I should embrace this tradition, I want to give very special thanks to my own mother.

DEAR MOM, you have supported me from the beginning, laying the foundation of my beliefs and character. Thank you for letting me share your interests and journey all these years.

In times of fun and happiness you have laughed with me. Even in times of disaccord you have visited my thoughts and helped me become a better version of myself.

The greatest gift you give me though is the way you inspire me.

You are my teacher, my hero, my shaman, my girlfriend, my partner, my greatest critic, my greatest supporter.

THANK YOU for always believing in me, no matter how easy or hard I make it for you. Thank you for letting me accompany you on your own journey. Thank you for laughing at the same jokes as me, for sharing a hashtag (#personalcoffee), for remembering the good-ol-days, and for looking into the future with an optimistic, unconstrained outlook.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and every woman who accompanies her child on this challenging and beautiful journey we call LIFE.



April [work]essentials


The past month has been all about establishing my business and running around town with Gary (remember my sidekick Ford Escort?). And these essentials have been with me every day.

+ My North Face messenger bag is a God-sent here. Thanks to its water-resistant material, my stuff stays dry through any Washingtonian down pour.

+ Thank you Moleskine for making all those wonderful, simple notebooks and calendar. Couldn’t do it without them! I have 4 in total with different uses. Two thumbs up!

+ RayBan sunnies. A must for the chilled look.

+ Gotta do some reading from time to time. Inc Magazine is great to zone into start-up tips and business perspectives.

+ Naturally, can’t do it without my Macbook Pro.

+ My Nexus7 helps me out when bringing presentations to a client: modern and compact.

Evening ritual// The Oly docks


Rituals are very important to people. We all have habitual natures. I have numerous little rituals that help ground me during a stressful week.

Since coming to Olympia, WA and reveling in its striking natural surroundings, I have adopted a new ritual. When the sun is shining and spreading its spring warmth across the majestic sky, I spin the wheel of my car and head toward the ocean. A favorite go-to spot are definitely the Olympia docks. You can admire the Capitol to south, the sun setting beyond the hills to the west and the sun glittering on the still waters.

And the fact that the docks are just a short 10 minute ride from my home make it all the better.

So tell me, what are your rituals? What do they make you feel?


In the making// The Faces of Olympia

Olympia and its residents have been inspiring me since my first visit last September and still continue to do so every time I visit downtown.

In the next coming months I will be working on a new photo project, which I am really excited about. I will be visiting local Olympian shops, walking the streets and talking to locals in search of the many faces that together are Olympia.

I look forward to personally meeting everyone and getting inspired by Olympian openness and attitude. So keep a look-out for me and my Nikon during spring time!

I’m a trunk-loader now

trunk loader

Driving in Germany, I always put my groceries and purchases either on the passenger seat or the back seat of my car. No one used the trunk of the car except for bigger Ikea purchases, and only if those didn’t fit on the back seat.

Now being an American driver (whoop whoop!), I have adapted the very common custom of only using the trunk of my car. In the first few weeks, I still hung on to my old habit and relationship with the back seat. But I have changed quickly. Now, even one-bag-errands find their way to the trunk of my car.

Ok, having an trunk-open-thee-button on my car key does help a little…

But it’s fascinating how different cultures have different customs, even when it comes down to using your car and storage.

Another interesting anecdote is the use of the car horn. Americans sparsely use this little, harassing instrument. In the 4 weeks I have been driving here, I have not been honked at once. And I frequently drive slower to make a curb or such (being new to the area).

Now Germans use it in overdose. If you take 5 seconds too long to start driving when the light hits green, you’ll get a harassing reminder to use your right foot from the car behind you. That can be pretty annoying, not to mention pressuring.

On the other hand, Americans do not seem to know how to overtake slower vehicles on the freeway in a quick manner. When the slower vehicles drives at 65 mph, the overtaking vehicle will drive at 68 mph, so as to stay in the speed limit (presumably). This results in the cars driving more or less parallel for a few miles. For me, that is very strange indeed and defeating the purpose of an overtake altogether. Germans, they floor it when overtaking.

So many more interesting anecdotes are uncovered every day. And I will enjoy sharing them with you. So stay tuned!



Breathe and reboot

2014-03-01 03.03.44 2014-03-01 03.14.51 2014-03-01 03.18.54

2014-03-01 02.49.47

Absent and busy for the past week and a half, I have not only been moving into my new apartment – yay! – but also enjoying the very reason I picked Washington as my new home: it’s breath-takingly amazing nature! 

Last Friday, the weather was just perfect for a trip over to the ocean. And it was so worth it!

Everyone needs something to remind them how happy they can be, let them forget their fears and worries, and just breathe. Packing my camera, getting into my mermaid-green car and heading out to nature is my “breathe and reboot“.

I didn’t mind the 1,5-drive much, since I love my new, hot wheels. Getting a little lost was also part of the trip. As was seeing wild young deer strolling on remote roads. Which reminds me: I think I need a sticker for my car pretty soon, saying “Beware! Frequent stops for photo-taking may occur.


Being thankful

2014-01-20 09.45.32

It’s January and all those New Year’s resolutions are still very fresh. I am especially noticing everyone’s “I will do regular sports”-resolution because the swimming pool I train at is very full the last few weeks. This makes training for me a pain and not really productive, but I am glad some people are trying to make an effort to take care of their bodies.

There is one resolution I forgot in my own list: Being thankful.

We sometimes forget how blessed and lucky we are. Be it with our health, our family, our friends or our work. Or all of these. I have made it an evening ritual to be thankful for everything I feel blessed with at the moment.

A nice side-effect: It really makes you happy.

Currently, I am thankful for the relationships in the last year that have brought me a step closer to myself, how I am and what I want.

I encourage you to also be thankful the year round and reflect upon it regularly. You will notice that it opens your eyes and senses for things that you would not have noticed otherwise. Be open.

Blog, you’re growing up


Dear Blog,

Since I took my first digital step into your world of sharing and publishing, a lot has happened. These first baby steps were exciting, surreal, and eye-opening. In the past few years, you have helped me uncover a lot about myself and I learned more about my talents and passions. But you also showed me where I am still inexperienced, need practice and an ever-open mind.

You, too, have gone through numerous tranformations though. In 2013, you moved your back-end to a new host, many adaptations had to be made. Then you decided to redesign your entire layout, a further step to visually enthralling our readers.

2014 is a dynamic year, fresh beginnings, lessons learned are turned into actions and an inspiring muse that leads us.

So with one sad and one smiling eye, we say good-bye to the name La Delphine Noir and will continue all our efforts, inspirations, photographs, stories, opinions and witty essays under a new name, Désirée blogging.

Why? Because it feels right. The time is right to show we are one.

xoxo, Désirée

Sending all my love, thanks and appreciation to all my readers. You inspire me!