Letting go of materialism

Let go of materialism | Désirée blogging

We live in an endless spiral of daily distractions. Every day, we have thousands of thoughts which include money, buying something, wanting something, selling something etc. Each thought takes energy to be produced, assessed and categorized.

Our minds are strong and can handle this. But more and more I wonder:

“Could this energy be put to better use?”


Things come and go, money exchanges hands, items get old and discarded and replaced with newer ones. And the whole process of wanting things can be plain painful and depressing.

A few months ago, I sold all my belongings and striped down my possessions to the bare minimum: 3 suitcases now constituted my material life. Today, I sit among new things. But I have come to the conclusion that I need only myself to be truly happy and not the thousands of thoughts that go with materialism.

It’s definitely ok to reward yourself (I do it occasionally, too), but we need to remember that materialism is fleeting and that we should concentrate those daily thousand thoughts to something more productive. That gives us a lot of time to think…

What will you think about?

Beating your own drum


AS KIDS WE ARE TAUGHT TO FIT IN, conform to standards of society which are supposed to make life easier. As we grow up, move out of our parents’ reach and delve into the big wide world, we sometimes have moments of solitude. Moments in which there is no “must” or “should“, but just serene quiet and our own thoughts and opinions.

These are the moments I especially treasure because I listen to myself and let my own voice tell me where to go or what to do. Some call it listening to your own heart. I call it beating your own drum.


Meeting Matika Wilbur, Project 562


2014-02-17 01.03.55

2014-02-17 02.18.22

A few days ago I shared a very inspirational project with you, Project 562. And yesterday I had the great opportunity to hear Matika Wilbur speak of Project 562 at the Tacoma Art Museum. She was celebrating the finale of her year-long road trip, visiting 181 tribes from Washington to California, over to New Mexico and Montana.

Project 562 symbolizes the 562 Native American tribes and shedding light on a fascinating culture. With the project, Matika wants to educate and inspire others, showing them that Native American culture and heritage often have nothing to do with the images we attach them to (Pocahontas, wild feathers, lots of leather, riding horses fully adorned, etc.).

On her journey, she has met many inspirational Native Americans who have managed to unite their heritage with modern life as we know it. Doctors, scientists, ranchers, designers, each with a special bond to the tribe they come from.


Finding inspiration in my new home

Screenshot 2014-02-13 10.11.37

I moved to Washington because the area inspires me and helps me breathe. I also love the creativity around Olympia and how open people are here.

So I was absolutely awed when I read about Project 562. Matika Wilbur describes in this video how she sold everything she owned, got into her car, packed her camera and started driving to find her roots.

People like her inspire me beyond words. Courage, vision and belief are so strong, it’s sad when people forget about it. Having just embarked on my own journey to happiness (admittedly with less social thought than Matika, but I hope that will change soon), I can feel with her and want to support her by giving this shout-out.

So please, if you also believe in following your beliefs and having the courage to pull it through, support her here and all others out there who dare to stand out of the crowd.

Be brave. Have courage. Believe in yourself. And just do it your way.


Celebrating the men in Milan


There are not many occasions when we celebrate (stylish) men. The shows in Milan are currently the hotspot for stylish, cultivated men around the world.

It’s good to see a well-dressed man, so pleasing to the eye. And it’s good to know that there are men out there that have a knack for it and don’t mind looking the part. It’s also always nice seeing women playing the part in tailored suits, blouses, button-down shirts, ties. It gives a certain edge.

Here a few of my favorites. Enjoy! And guys: dare to get inspired!







Photos: The Sartorialist, Streetfsn