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Désirée Delphine is a talented Branding Professional. When not immersed in the www, she photographs natural scenes and authentic personalities in and around the globe.

Letting go of materialism

Let go of materialism | Désirée blogging

We live in an endless spiral of daily distractions. Every day, we have thousands of thoughts which include money, buying something, wanting something, selling something etc. Each thought takes energy to be produced, assessed and categorized.

Our minds are strong and can handle this. But more and more I wonder:

“Could this energy be put to better use?”


Things come and go, money exchanges hands, items get old and discarded and replaced with newer ones. And the whole process of wanting things can be plain painful and depressing.

A few months ago, I sold all my belongings and striped down my possessions to the bare minimum: 3 suitcases now constituted my material life. Today, I sit among new things. But I have come to the conclusion that I need only myself to be truly happy and not the thousands of thoughts that go with materialism.

It’s definitely ok to reward yourself (I do it occasionally, too), but we need to remember that materialism is fleeting and that we should concentrate those daily thousand thoughts to something more productive. That gives us a lot of time to think…

What will you think about?

One day with firefighters {part 2}


THE PRESSURES OF WITNESSING TRAUMATIC SITUATIONS, staying calm in the midst of panic and chaos along with the terrible working hours is very hard on a firefighter. Not only does the 24-hour shift destroy your bio-rhythm, working with medical cases or fire emergencies is dangerous on top of that.

Cancer is most common among firefighters, I was told. Even though provided with masks and other protection, fumes from fires still manage to get into the system. And the psychological pressures of working with sick, injured or dying people can cause posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


SO HOW DO OUR FIREFIGHTERS COPE? Most firefighters I met have a strong family that supports them and gives them the backing they need to do their job for the community. (more…)

One day with firefighters {part 1}


I’VE ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT A FIREFIGHTER’S DAILY ROUTINE might look like. How many fires he puts out, how he manages those long shifts, and what kind of motivation and character might be hidden behind those full-body suits and helmets.

As luck may have it, I was invited by our local fire chief to ride along for a day. And you know me – won’t miss out on that great an opportunity to peak into a life many boys dream of and even more girls swoon at.

2014-05-30 22_Fotor

WITH CAMERA IN HAND AND A HIGH CURIOSITY LEVEL, I was standing at the Lacey Fire District 3’s front desk. Fire Chief Steve Brooks welcomed me with a warm handshake and immediately got into explaining the building’s inner set-up. I am still astounded at the cleanliness of the fire station. (more…)

Kyle, the world’s best hugger


KYLE WAS INTRODUCED TO ME AS THE WORLD’S BEST HUGGER. And they were right! I met Kyle while shooting my favorite group of coffee makers at the Olympia Farmer’s Market. He has this sweet and shining smile that radiates at everyone.

Taken from the Faces of Oly series, exhibit June 12 to July 15, 2014 at Burial Grounds, downtown Olympia.

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Faces of Oly exhibit opens June 12


FACES OF OLY portrays the stories of numerous individuals I have had the honor of meeting in Olympia over the last few months. Each photograph tells a story and depicts an exciting moment in my Olympia adventure.

Truly getting to know a city means getting to know the people that live and work there. People that exhale that city’s charisma and allure.

Portraying the city through these inspiring individuals is the heart of this project. And I am proud to be displaying the series at one of my favorite – and very Olympian – cafés, Burial Grounds.

In addition, I will also be launching a virtual exhibit for anyone not in Olympia who wants to check out the pieces and their individual stories. Stay tuned for more on that.

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Beating your own drum


AS KIDS WE ARE TAUGHT TO FIT IN, conform to standards of society which are supposed to make life easier. As we grow up, move out of our parents’ reach and delve into the big wide world, we sometimes have moments of solitude. Moments in which there is no “must” or “should“, but just serene quiet and our own thoughts and opinions.

These are the moments I especially treasure because I listen to myself and let my own voice tell me where to go or what to do. Some call it listening to your own heart. I call it beating your own drum.


Jami and her charming letterpress printing shop


I MET JAMI WHILE SEARCHING FOR A PRINTER who specialized in unique papers and printing methods. I had gotten the tip from one of my favorite hot spots, the Olympia Coffee Roasting Co., where I was admiring their beautifully crafted coffee etiquettes.

Jami owns The Sherwood Press, a cozy old-school letterpress printing shop founded in 1940 by Jocelyn Dohm. After finishing her studies in Olympia, WA, Jami was keen on leaving the area for something bigger. By coincidence, Jami met Jocelyn and started helping out at the letterpress shop, discovering something very much worth staying in Olympia for. Jami took over the one-woman business in 2003 when Jocelyn passed away.

theSherwoodPress_01 (more…)

Bike season kick-off on a [hilly] 21 mile ride


NOW THAT SUMMER IS HERE, going on longer bike rides will be part of my regular schedule. Yesterday was my first real ride with my new bike Fitz (short for Fitzgerald).

It started out as a casual I’m heading up to Woodard Bay-ride but quickly turned into a longer affair. I rode out at 8 am, trying to get ahead of the forecasted sweltering 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The scenery started out as lush vegetation and ponds, turning into farmlands and horse ranches. I even sighted a young deer crossing the street.


I HEADED UP TO BOSTON HARBOR in search of a scenic view and a nice cup of coffee. I was rewarded at the Boston Harbor Marina with a great Batdorf & Bronson drip and a view of the Olympic Mountain Range. The marina was just waking from its sleep, with fishermen bustling about the docks. (more…)