Désirée Delphine portrait

Blogging is communicating, sharing and always personal.

I consider myself more a storyteller than a blogger. I enjoy meeting new people everywhere I go, delving into their stories and charisma. And getting inspired by who they are and what views they embody.

Why did I start this blog? Mainly to reach out, have fun and to share what I enjoy doing most – connecting with others.

To create something real and exciting.

In my work life, I am a strategic consultant and social media geek ;) The combination of sociology and marketing just keeps fascinating me. And wrapping it up in a good strategy just puts the cherry on my sunday.

Over the years, the blog has evolved just as I have. I write about what inspires me, my views and opinions, and what influences my life and thinking. Occasionally I enjoy an inspirational post, because I feel everyone has to take a break from daily life and just breathe.

Welcome! Glad you’re here.

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