Music on the street

Music on the streets

STREET MUSICIANS have something so beautifully relaxing about them.

“My guitar, my sound, my thoughts.”

And thankfully, the Rhine Region has more than enough talented individuals. This young singer had a beautiful voice and lovely aura. I find he holds his guitar with ease and grace, whilst totally lost in his thoughts.


30-day challenge to more mindfulness

30 days of Mindfulness | Désirée blogging

OUR LIVES ARE FRENZIED and full of distractions. Apart from working your 40- to 60-hour week, you have to juggle a healthy private life. That involves friends, family, working out, oh – and yes – relaxing.

The week often ends and you sit on your couch on Sunday evening, maybe have a glass of wine in your right hand, and wonder where the time has gone. Suddenly, trying to recap what exactly you did all week is hard – apart from the fact that is was a lot! (more…)

Busy in Cologne


Busy in Cologne

SILENCE ON THE BLOG CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING: loads of work and busy-ness in my life right now. And the last 5 weeks have been no exception. After arriving in Munich in September, work brought me to Cologne early October. And since then it’s been a whirlwind of new-ness. (more…)

Puristic selections at Litchfield

Litchfield, the store and its puristic selection

GASTOWN IS FILLED WITH VANCOUVER’S MOST CREATIVE SHOPS. Strolling down its cobble-stoned Water Street, you stop every once in a while to admire the lush hanging flower baskets and to breathe in the delicious mix of fresh pasta paired with the summer scent of trees and salty mist from the nearby bay.

Litchfield’s store front specifically caught my eye. The hint of rough wood, metal and an industrial-meets-homey appeal always pulls me in, no way around it.


Postcard from (multi-culturally diverse) Vancouver

Ocean bay, Vancouver

IMAGINE EUROPEAN FLAIR ON THE STREETS, American brands and business hours, and a cultural pot-pourri of Asian influences – et voilá, that’s Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

A mere 4 hour drive – whew – from southern Seattle, Vancouver is just a hop away from the US-Canadian border. And a visit was mandatory, if only to check out the much-talked-about Vancouver Bay.


Vacation routines and pool confessions

Pool confessions

AUGUST ROLLED IN QUIETLY, almost keeping the upcoming vacation a little secret. Like waking up on your birthday to find your room decked in balloons, my August vacation was suddenly upon me. Although I had waited impatiently, here it is.

After the first week at the pool (which is more than dreamy), my vacation routines have kicked in. Waking at 6am but lounging in bed til 9am, breakfast prepares me for the relaxing day to come with fresh espresso coffee and an egg-on-english-muffin-combo.

The rest of the day is pretty relaxed. Skyping with my loved ones usually follows the morning rising ritual. And then I hit the pool. It took a few days for me to get used to lying there, with nothing but my own thoughts.

VACATION IS THE PERFECT TIME TO sort through your mind, realign your goals, wishes and desires. And get a good sense of where you’ve been and where you want to go. And that is the essence of vacation: to let go of your daily routine in order to make room for new thoughts and directions.

My own pool lounging has led to many personal confessions, eye-opening revelations and inspiring ideas. I look forward to September, when back-to-business also means moving forward.

Enjoy your vacation guys. And happy, productive lounging!

A fun cup of coffee at the Heyday! Café

The Heyday! Café

THE SMELL OF FRESH BREWED COFFEE, THE SOUND OF LAUGHS and a relaxed and fun atmosphere are what first pulled my attention to this cute little café back in September. I met Bri and her fun crowd when I was visiting Washington state last fall to scout the area. So when the market opened this April, I had to drop by and wave a big hello.

SINCE THEN, THE HEYDAY CAFÉ has been the go-to spot for my weekly market visits. I had the chance to get to know Matt, Bri, Brandon and Andrew a bit better and was thrilled when I was offered to hang out one weekend.

Matt, The Heyday! Café

Bri, The Heyday! Café

IT’S A FAMILY-OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESS for siblings Bri and Matt (pictured above) who run the little café that provides Olympia Farmers Market visitors with their dose of hot coffee and wildly yummy food creations (breakfast in a cone, need I say more). (more…)